"Charity First"

Off-Campus Learning


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Camp is a one week camp designed to give students hands on experiences in the STEM disciplines. Thanks to a grant from the Toyota Foundation, the TSI (Thomas More STEM Initiative) was founded. Since then, our faculty has worked closely with the faculty of Thomas More College, participating in field trips to Thomas More’s campus and classroom visits by Thomas More faculty.

Additionally, we receive scholarships to be awarded to BBHS students (9th­ -11th grade) to attend STEM Camp. Participating students spend one week on Thomas More’s campus while participating in activities in their laboratories, at the BB&T Observatory, and the Thomas More College Ohio River Biology Field Station.

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High School Summer Academies

CINSAM (Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics) together with three NKU Colleges are offering Summer Academies designed specifically for High-School students looking to deepen their content knowledge, prepare for future classes and bolster their resume in preparation for college applications. Academies are a way to make like-minded friends and have fun while exploring concepts that are beyond the lessons taught in most high-school classrooms.

Whether working in the College of Informatics’ cutting edge Cyber-Security lab, operating sophisticated scientific equipment or isolating chemical compounds to solve forensic mysteries; these summer academies will expose you to high-level subjects and experiences. Our academies will challenge you to use critical thinking and teamwork, while having fun and exploring topics that you love.

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