"Charity First"

School Needs & Wish List

While BBHS commits significant funds to keep our classrooms current, there are always items on our list for which our budget simply does not allow. We are fortunate to have alumni and friends of Bishop Brossart who understand the importance of supplementing our front office and teacher’s resources. The school is always appreciative and willing to receiving donations of office products, furniture, copiers/printers, and camera equipment that you or your company may no longer need. We only ask that any technology not be older than 3 years old.

There are multiple ways you can donate money or goods that are specific to the classroom or daily administration of the school.

  • Please note for your own benefit for your tax return, items purchased new for the school will need a store receipt to validate the value claimed for your tax receipt. Tax regulations require used items to have some proof of current value to receive a deduction.
  • If you wish to make a direct donation for an item please contact us for the easiest option for you to make that donation.
  • If you do have surplus equipment or goods that you think the school can use, please contact the Director of Advancement at 859-635-2108.

The students and faculty of Bishop Brossart say Thank You for reviewing our Wish Lists!