"Charity First"

Prospective Students

Why Bishop Brossart?

Bishop Brossart High School provides a quality Catholic education for all its students through a strong academic program strengthened with character building and the seeking of truth.   Students are supported in thinking logically and working cooperatively with others.  Upon graduation, our students are sent forth to teach and touch the lives of others as the Lord would have them do.   Our daily challenge is to accomplish all of this in the spirit of our school motto… “Charity First”.


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BBHS Dress Code

A student’s dress/appearance MUST include…
Shirt: White or light-blue oxford shirt or polo style, with only the collar button
unfastened OR a banded bottom shirt, white or forest green with the school
crest (purchased from School Belles); shirts must be tucked in
Pants: Solid color dress pant limited to black, tan, gray or navy blue; must have belt
loops; must be worn at the waist; must be full-length (no colored denim or stretch pants/leggings)
Socks: Must blend with the uniform colors
Shoes: Gym shoes or non-marking dress shoes; brown or black boots if tops are
covered by pants; shoes must be neat and tied

A student’s dress/appearance MAY include…
Hoodies: May have either a BBHS or Diocesan logo OR be a hooded sweatshirt
with a logo no bigger than 2”x 2”. Colors are limited to a blend of black,
green, white or grey; if the front pocket of a hooded sweatshirt is used to
break a school rule, the student forfeits the privilege of wearing this type
of sweatshirt for the remainder of the year. No other hoodies or
sweatshirts are permitted!
Jackets/ Knit sweaters or fleece jackets may be worn with the
Sweaters: uniform. Colors limited to Black, Dk. Green, White or Grey.
Skirt (Girls): Must be purchased from School Belles.  Skirts may not be shorter than their fingertips when their arms are put down at their sides. Solid-color tights or leggings may be worn as an undergarment, but must blend with the uniform. Waistbands of skirts may not be rolled. 
Jewelry: Jewelry must be appropriate for school (necklaces must be inside shirt; size or amount cannot be excessive. Any earrings that stretch the earlobe are not permitted.

A student’s dress/appearance MAY NOT include…
Facial hair* Sideburns below ear*
Undershirt other than solid white Pants with side pockets
Any torn/cut-off/frayed garment* Tattoos, ink drawings, etc.*
Shorts* Facial rings/studs other than in ear*
Studded belts, bracelets, etc. Open-toed, open-heeled,
Slippers, moccasins, etc.* High-heeled shoes or flip-flops*
Hood on head while indoors* Unusual hair color or style*
Pocket chains* Visible underwear*
Excessive or distracting jewelry* Sunglasses or non-prescription glasses*
Exposed back, abdomen or shoulders* Offensive/inappropriate messages*
Items that promote a rival school* Hats, Scarf

Items with (*) are also NOT PERMITTED ON DUDS DAYS
Uniform violations will result in demerits. A teacher who is unsure if a uniform violation
exists should consult the administration. A student whose appearance is not permitted
specifically by the uniform code risks being cited with a violation. The administration
reserves the right to judge what constitutes acceptable dress/appearance.

During extremely cold or hot weather, changes in dress code may be permitted but must
be announced by the administration.


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