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Wilfred H. Neltner Center

The most recent addition opened and was dedicated by the Most Reverend Bishop Roger J. Foys in September of 2014.  Mr. Wilfred H. Neltner helped make this addition to our campus possible by his generous gift to our school. The Neltner Center houses the Munninghoff Family Performing Arts Center, St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, administrative offices, and library.

Munninghoff Family Performing Arts Center­­

The theater is part of the newest addition to BBHS which was dedicated by Bishop Foys in September of 2014. The theater is home to our fall drama club production, our spring Senior class play, music recitals, theater and film classes and many other school activities. It has a capacity of 425 guests.  For rental information, please contact Ana Orth at aorth@bishopbrossart.org 

St. Francis of Assisi Chapel­­

This also part of our newest addition in 2014. It has a capacity of 100 guest for Mass. It is used for class masses, weekly rosary, monthly confessions, First Friday Mass and a place for reflection and prayer for our entire community.

Hegenauer Hall­­

This was part of the first major addition to our campus in 1985 since the 1960’s. It is a multi­use facility. It is used daily as our cafeteria but it is also used in many other capacities. It is used for large scale testing location, special events, and other large group events.

Thomas H. Seither Sports Center­­

The gymnasium along with Hegenauer Hall was the first major addition to the campus since the 1960’s. It is home to our basketball and volleyball teams and various other athletic and school acitivities.

Crouch Center­­

The primary academic building on campus, the Crouch Center, was added to our campus in 1995. Through the generosity of Robert & Margaret Crouch, The Crouch Center is home to 12 classrooms, our primary computer lab, Chemistry Lab, and Biology Lab.


Our Courtyard was created when the Crouch Center was built in 1995. It is a space that is used for quiet reflection, prayer, outdoor class opportunities, and also just a place for students to gather.

Library/Media Center­­

Part of our most recent addition the Library/Media Center is a resource for all students. It provides the needs of a traditional library and at the same time provide the resources of today’s student.

College and Career Counseling Center­­

This is an area for students to work and explore their college and career options. The students are able to work with guidance counselors and have available to them all the resources they need.

Art Gallery

The gallery presented its inaugural exhibit in March 2017.  Each year five shows are scheduled with a focus on featuring alumni artists, however, non-alumni artists are also highlighted.  Located on the second floor adjacent to the library, the gallery is easily accessible through the main entrance to the school.

Mustang Athletic Complex

The Mustang Athletic Complex (MAC) is located at 844 Gilbert Ridge, Alexandria, KY 41001.  Our sports complex includes a turfed Football/Soccer field, a nine lane rubberized track, all of the best field event facilities (including javelin).

The Keller Family Meditation Garden

The William Riesenbeck Family Plaza

The Martin Family Concessions

BBHS Fieldhouse

The All American Press Box

Future Site of Baseball and Softball Fields