"Charity First"

FACTS – Tuition Management

Bishop Brossart High School partners with FACTS Management Company to help us manage our tuition payment program. Each family is required to enroll with FACTS regardless of payment plan.

Click the FACTS icon below to access FACTS.  

When you visit the FACTS website for the first time you will need to “create a FACTS account”. If you already have a student enrolled at Bishop Brossart, you do not need to create another account. We will take care of adding your freshman student to your existing agreement.  

  • FACTS offers the option of payments on the 1st or 15th of the month.             
  • Payment plan options include 9 payments (August – April), 4 payments (August, November, February & April, 2 payments (August & February), or 1 payment (August 1st).  
  • If you opt to pay in full you will still need to enroll. You will receive the $100 full pay discount if you make your payment by the August 1st due date. If payment is not received by the August 1st due date you will enrolled in a monthly payment plan.
  • Returned payments are subject to charges from FACTS in addition to your bank charges.               

If you have any questions regarding the tuition payment program, please contact Mr. Braun or Mrs. Davis at 859-635-2108.  

Tuition Rates for 2023-24:

In-Diocese $7,780.00
Out-of-Diocese $8,555.00
Family Rate (In-Diocese) $15,160.00

Subject Fees 2023-24:

The following scale applies to each student in the grade level: 

Freshmen $400.00
Sophomores $400.00
Juniors $425.00
Seniors $575.00