"Charity First"

BBHS Scholarships

 *General Scholarship Application for Incoming Freshman*
  • Round 1 Essay for the  Munninghoff, Muehlenkamp, W. Neltner, M. Neltner, Kraus Scholarships  (Due February 21st)
  • Round 2 Essay for the McGarr, Orth, Seither, Vogel, and Luschek Scholarships                         (Due March 1st)
  • Round 3A Essay for the Geiman Scholarship    (Due March 15th)
  • Round 3B Essay for the T. Verst Scholarship     (Due March 15th)
  • Round 4 Essay for the Bauman Scholarship.     (Due March 20th)

For Current BBHS Students, hard copies of these Scholarships are available in the School Office effective, Friday, January 12th.

Scholarship Name

Financial Need

Due Date

Michael C. Neltner (blue form)

All BBHS students eligible    (Grades 9-11)


Wednesday, February 21st

Wilfred H. Neltner (purple form)

All BBHS students eligible     (Grades 9-11)


Wednesday, February 21st

McGarr, Orth, Seiter, and Vogel (yellow form)

All BBHS students eligible    (Grades 9-11)


Friday, March 1st

John and Kathleen Luschek (green form)

All BBHS students who graduated from Sts. Peter and Paul (Grades 9-11)


Friday, March 1st

Jacob Bauman (red form)

BBHS Seniors Only


Wednesday, March 20th

Lindsey Sendelbach (pink form)

BBHS Seniors only


Monday, March 25th

Janet Bertsch-Ampfer (white form)*

BBHS Senior Runners Only (Est. 2024)


Monday, March 25th

Descriptions of Available Scholarships
Jack and Pat McGarr Scholarship
Jack McGarr and his wife Pat raised nine children and sent all of them through Catholic schools.  On many occasions during the early years of Bishop Brossart High School, Mr. McGarr chaired numerous fund-raising events that ultimately provided the school with the financial assistance it desperately needed to survive. Due to this commitment to the BBHS family, he became one of the school’s most respected ambassadors.  
Mitchell Orth Scholarship
On March 4, 2010, Mitchell died of a heart arrhythmia caused by the congenital, complete heart block he lived with his short life of 25 years. Anyone who knew him knew this condition never stopped him from living his life to the fullest and doing or attaining anything he set out to accomplish.


Nathan Seiter Memorial Scholarship
On Tuesday, November 30, 2004, Bishop Brossart High School lost one of its most distinguished alumni members, Mr. Nathan Seiter.  Nathan, a 1998 BBHS grad, died as a result of a single-car accident near his home in California, Kentucky.  His extraordinary life focused on his family, faith, friends, and love for sports and the outdoors. His all-time leading scorer status in basketball and his remarkable baseball records will be respected for years to come at Bishop Brossart. 
As a result of the outpouring of contributions and other support, the Nathan Seiter Memorial Scholarship Endowment was established in May 2005.  Family members, friends, classmates, and alumni have perpetuated Nathan’s memory with their donations to ultimately provide tuition assistance awards to students attending Bishop Brossart High School. 


Nancy Vogel Memorial Scholarship
Nancy Vogel was a parishioner and supporter of St. Joseph Church and School in Cold Spring Kentucky.  She was also an avid supporter of Bishop Brossart.  She could always be heard cheering on all Mustang runners at cross country and track meets.  With her passing in 2020, the Vogel family has chosen to honor her memory with this scholarship.
Michael C. Neltner Scholarship
Michael (Mike) Neltner attended Bishop Brossart High School and graduated in 1974.  While a husband and father to two children, Mike passed away in May 1999 at the age of 43. Classmates, family members, and friends immediately united to establish a lasting tribute at his “alma mater” in memory of “Mike.”  
Robert A. & Marian V. Munninghoff Scholarship
On December 29, 1998, Mr. Robert Munninghoff, a life-long parishioner and supporter of St. Joseph Parish Cold Spring, perpetuated the memory of his late wife by virtue of a special donation to Bishop Brossart High School.   Then in December, 2005 the Munninghoff Family honored the passing of their father with a special tribute.
Kathleen & John Luschek Scholarship
Kathy Luschek was one of the most “giving” volunteers at Bishop Brossart High School for many years with her time, talents, and treasures.  For years, she coordinated the “Mustang Monthlies” raffles for the PTU organization.  She also worked tirelessly within the Athletic Boosters Club and could be seen and heard at nearly every Mustang sporting event.  She always admired volunteers, especially young students, and their ambition and desire to “do more” with their lives than just “the bare minimum.”
Kathy’s four sons; Brian and Joseph Bruder, and John and Robby Luschek all attended Bishop Brossart.  Throughout her years as a volunteer mother at Bishop Brossart she reflected the school motto, “Charity First” in so many ways.
Following Kathy’s death on October 16, 2003, John Luschek Jr. (Kathy’s husband) established a charitable fund in his wife’s memory that will provide tuition assistance for all students and their families at Bishop Brossart. 
Dorothy Muehlenkamp Scholarship
Dorothy Muehlenkamp was born June 9, 1909, and was a lifelong resident of Campbell County.  Upon graduation from the Academy of Notre Dame de la Providence in Newport, she embarked on a successful career in Accounting.   Her wish was to help others receive the benefits of a Catholic education.  Her generosity and concern took form on November 20, 1995, when she established a Charitable Remainder Trust which provides annual tuition assistance scholarships for incoming freshmen students at both Bishop Brossart and Newport Central Catholic high schools in Campbell County. She extended this commitment on May 2, 1997, with a second trust that will benefit additional students at both schools.   Dorothy Muehlenkamp died July 22, 2009, at the age of 100, and left an immeasurable legacy for others to emulate.  
Wilfred H. Neltner Memorial Scholarship
Mr. Neltner, who passed away on December 9, 2015, was a member of St. Joseph Parish in Cold Spring and a strong believer in Catholic education.  Mr. Neltner was born on October 6, 1923, to William and Elizabeth Neltner.  He was a veteran who served in the Marines during World War II.  Mr. Neltner teamed with his brother, Mr. Anthony Neltner, and started Neltner Oil in Newport, Kentucky.  Later, they partnered in Kentucky Motor Service and KOI Auto Parts.  In 2008, Mr. Neltner gave a gift to St. Joseph School’s Educational Endowment.  In 2009, he made his first gift to Bishop Brossart High School.  He followed with additional gifts to assist Bishop Brossart and St. Joseph School.  By his request, he was to remain anonymous until after his death. 
Lindsey Sendlebach Scholarship
Lindsey Sendlebach attended St. Joseph Camp Springs Grade School and Bishop Brossart High School graduating in 2003 while becoming one of the school’s most respected young ambassadors. 
Lindsey reflected the youthful energy that propels young people to “reach for their goals” and become someone special.  Her high school activities included; Basketball, Cross Country, Softball, Senior Class Play, Student Council, and National Honor Society.  Lindsey loved every imaginable aspect of life.  Her family, friends, and anyone else who became targets of her infectious sense of humor are proof of her influence. 
Lindsey would be the first to tell you…”I’m just an ordinary girl.”  But everyone else knew… ”Lindsey was an extraordinary influence in many people’s lives.”  
Following Lindsey’s death on July 13, 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Lou Sendelbach (Lindsey’s parents) established a charitable fund in their daughter’s memory that will provide tuition assistance for all students and their families at Bishop Brossart. 
Tina Verst Memorial Scholarship
Tina Verst was a radiant and dynamic 7th and 8th grade teacher at St. Philip School from the year 2000 to 2012.  She will always be remembered for her perseverance, love for giving, and dedication to her classroom.   Tina believed strongly in all her students.  Tina was able to give much of herself to a community she grew to love.
After Tina’s death in April 2012, charitable donations allowed the Verst Family and St. Philip to provide the Christina Verst Memorial Scholarship, a Tuition Assistance Grant to a 2019 St. Philip graduating student.
Bryan Kraus Memorial Scholarship
Bryan graduated from St. Joseph in 2008 and from Bishop Brossart in 2012.  One week after successfully completing his freshman year at UK, Bryan was diagnosed with leukemia.  He was immediately sent to the hospital where he battled this incurable disease for eight months without ever complaining.  A message displayed in his room read, “There may not always be a smile on my face, but there is always a smile on my heart.” 
Jacob Baumann Memorial Scholarship
Jacob was a four-year student-athlete at Bishop Brossart.  He played football and baseball for the Mustangs and enjoyed every minute on the field with his teammates and coaches.  Jacob also had a disease, the disease of addiction.  Jacob and his family fought the disease for over seven years.  During those times, Jacob would find hope and then lose hope.  The battle was ferocious.  Following Jacob’s death on August 16, 2016, the Baumann Family established a scholarship in Jacob’s name. 
Nick Geiman Memorial Scholarship
Nick Geiman was a graduate of St. Mary School and BBHS. This scholarship is in loving memory of Nick who lost his battle with cancer.


      The following Scholarships do not require an Application

                                 Scholarships Based on Financial Need Only

*Al Keller III Fine Arts Scholarship               *Ruschman Family Memorial Scholarship

*Kelly Family Memorial Scholarship            *Rittinger Family Memorial Scholarship

*Neidenbach Family Grant                            *Larry Twehues Memorial Scholarship

*Ed Woeste Family Grant                               *Holtz Family Scholarship

Al Keller III Fine Art Scholarship
The Al Keller III Fine Arts Scholarship was established in 2003 in memory of the BBHS alumnus and graduate of the Class of 1980 who will be remembered for his distinct creative and passionate talents in fine arts. 
These awards exemplify each student’s outstanding artistic accomplishments at their respective schools and their creative interests in the Fine Arts as a future career. 

Kelley Family Memorial Scholarship

The Kelley Family Scholarship, established by Mrs. Shelly Kelley in 2011, serves as a perpetual tribute to her late husband James Allen Kelley 11/08/2009, mother-in-law Judith Ann Kelley 07/03/2009, and most recently father-in-law James George Kelley 9/17/2020, for their immeasurable contributions of service and dedication to the educational mission at Bishop Brossart. All were alumni of Bishop Brossart and together provided countless hours of volunteering whether it was at bingo, special events, or just service hours working on projects for the school. This scholarship helps aid students toward their catholic education and honors the Kelley Family.
Neidenbach Family Grant 
Ruschman Family Memorial Scholarship
Rittinger Family Memorial Scholarship
Larry Twehues Memorial Scholarship