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Robert & Marion Munninghoff Scholarship Winners Announced for 2020-21

The Robert A. & Marion V. Munninghoff Scholarship selection committee
has reviewed the 39 (Thirty-Nine) applications from students representing
Bishop Brossart’s four district grade schools.  Included in the applications
were the recommendations from the student’s respective principal and
the student’s personal essay entitled  ”What Catholic Education Means To Me.”
As a result, the selection committee is extremely pleased to announce the
following 8th Grade winners of the Robert A. & Marion V. Munninghoff
to Bishop Brossart High School…
St. Joseph Cold Spring      RYAN CLINES
St. Joseph Cold Spring      NATHANIEL HECK  (Tie)
St. Joseph Cold Spring      MAX KELLER
St. Joseph Cold Spring      MORGAN LUSBY
St. Joseph Cold Spring      LEAH MALAY (Tie)
St. Joseph Cold Spring      BAILEY RITTER
St. Joseph Cold Spring      JACKSON SCHABELL (Tie)
St. Joseph Cold Spring      BRANDON UEBEL
St. Mary Alexandria           HARRISON BESSE
St. Mary Alexandria           MIA COONEY
St. Philip Melbourne          JORDYN JONES

As scholarship winners, each student will receive a $1,000.00 tuition award
(unless otherwise noted) for the 2020-21 school year to Bishop Brossart High School.

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